Defining a Work Space

Working and living in the same place can be difficult. When I’m trying to work there seem to be endless distractions. When I’m trying to relax I end up feeling guilty for not writing.
Separation, a friend of mine suggested.What you need is a defined place to write, and then you won’t be feeling such anxiety at home. Sounds good. But it’s not like I have a writing office I can pop into every day. I miss the discipline that comes with an actual work place.
I have always been skeptical about getting into a routine of “going out” to write. It’s a distraction, it takes away from the process of writing, it becomes a drawn out ritual.
But, something had to give. The writing at home thing wasn’t working. So I decided to give it a try. For the next few weeks I decided I would set aside three or four hours every day to “go into town” and write.
There are abundant coffee shops and libraries in this small town. And believe it or not, people are not just socializing but working too. So I decided to try it out. I’m only on day two but so far I’m liking the results. I feel more motivated and productive and when I get home I don’t feel the weight of disappointment.
A dollar seventy five for a cup of coffee isn’t going to break the bank. And if it starts getting the creative juices flowing then it’s worth it. And farther down the road, once I get back into my stride I’ll be happy to shift back to writing at home. But right now it seems like just the change that I needed.
I’d love to hear back from other writers about navigating their own creative work spaces. As always, Happy Writing!

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