Yesterday was my most successful day so far (according to WordPress) for Follows and Likes. My blog may be making only modest progress but it feels good to be getting some reaction from the amazing community of writers (and just great people) out there in cyber space.

I want to take a moment to thank the friends, family and people I have yet to meet who have shown support and camaraderie. It makes all the difference. Thank you.

Today I gave myself the task of organizing my writing. As you may know, I have been working now for several months on my first novel. I am getting close to 150 pages and the document is becoming unwieldy and difficult to manage. I find myself spending unnecessary amounts of time looking back for a specific reference, image or scene.

So I decided to take action. As my novel has six main characters who we follow throughout the present day plot line and in their past or backstories, I decided to create six new Word Documents. I then combed through my master document, selected scenes relevant to each character (whether past or present) and pasted them into their respective new document.

I also have put up around my writing desk handwritten notes on what I have for each character and what scenes, research, details I still have to add. I am hoping to get to a place where the writing of the remainder of the novel will unfold relatively effortlessly.

I have to say, I am rather pleased with the result. It is helpful to see the scenes for each character separated. I feel like I have a clearer image in my mind of where I stand and what is still to come.

Of course, things never go as planned. But I am hoping to get as organized as possible so that my creative process won’t be hindered by the nuts and bolts. I’m wondering if any other writers out there have suggestions or comments on organization, planning, plot line, etc. I would love to hear from any of you!

Have a very happy Sunday and Happy Writing.


2 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I can relate to organizing. I often like to go thru my jewelry items, what I have, how much I have of certain amounts, etc. It somehow helps me look at items in a different way or in different combinations. I mostly make items with wampum, ocean smoothed pieces of quahog shell. Periodically I sort the wampum by shape, size, color and always seem to find pieces I overlooked that are stunning. Love looking at your worksheets. good luck! dad

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